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Can Your Cover Letter Suck Less? 3 Pieces of Advice to Make Yours Stand Out

It's time to stand out! You've worked hard on polishing your resume, now it's time to overhaul your cover letter, but how? Follow these simple 3 pieces of advice to get noticed by your potential employer today. Stop Filling Your Cover Letter with Cliché Skills and Sentences Okay, we know you're dependable- don't just tell the hiring manager you're dependable, show them HOW you're dependable, give an example. Back up any fluffy or cliché claims with proof. If you're results-dr

5 Resume Tips You Should Be Doing Now

Building a resume takes time and thought. Not to mention the need to customize your resume to each job you're applying for. Focus on these 5 resume writing tips to help make your resume shine brighter. Refresh Your Professional Summary If your professional summary doesn't pop and make you excited to meet you, you can bet the hiring manager is less than enthused. Make your resume introduction 3-4 sentences summarizing your career expertise thus far and add a relevant job resul

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